Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Working for the MAN

I heard an old classic, by Devo, "Working in a coal mine" today. got me to thinking. Thinking for me is dangerous, you see. It usually gets me to the point of being pissed off at something.

Today As I was busting my ass in my cube, that the "Man" everyone is talking about is plaing the average American like a fiddle. The sheeple are dancing to the beat of these media-savvy monsters, and too busy to see what's going on. Just grinds my gears.

I'm going down to green, the swine flu is sort of a bust, but it got the Health and Human Services director posted without a squawk. They didn't have time to see if she cheated on her taxes...

Work has been real tough on my lately, sorry for the lack of regular posts. It's dangerous for me to go to non-work sites from work computers so I'll have to post once I get home. Just an inconvenience, but it is a work pc I'm using while there, bitching won't get me anywhere.

Hope everyone in the interweb's doing well, haven't had time to catch up on what's going on. Well just wanted a short post before I hit the rack. Another long day tomorrow... ugh.

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