Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A kick in the beans

Just what I needed was a kick in the balls. Looks like my financial situation wasn't as secure as I thought. I got in trouble at work, and it's been made clear that I need to become a devoted slave working 70+ hours a week, or I need to move on. Step 1 of the official process has been taken.
Just goes to show, the one area of preps you neglect will bite you in the ass. I was hoping to have an extra mortgage payment or two set aside, but I don't. I'm not fired, but I don't have 100% job security. So now I'm in miserly mode, only spending on what I have already committed to, or necessities.
I've been focusing on another kind of prepping, and I've had to cut back on my news reading and blogging in order to get this done. I've been studying for my VCP certification which would be a very, very good resume builder. Some claim with the VCP I can write my own ticket. That is not the case, but it certainly helps since I don't have a collage degree.
This summer I'm going to go down to Tampa to get a copy of my father's birth certificate. With that I prove I am a minority, Cherokee Indian, and qualify for all kinds of stuff. Most of which I don't care about because I'm no mooch, but the small business loans, the educational loans and grants are worth it. This makes it harder for them to fire me, as my company is terrified of firing any minority. It also gives me options if I do lose my job. I might be able to get a degree, or open a small business.
We will see. The stress is getting to me though.
On a more practical side my brother got his class A LTC here in Mass. Mum is applying for hers too. For mothers day we bought a .22 Thompson rifle for her, although I have possession of it until she gets her license then I'll transfer it over. All legal.
Mum hated guns growing up and it was forbidden for us to have them. Funny how she loves to shoot now. She's not that great a shot with iron sights, but she's decent with a scope.
I joined the New Bedford range. It's closer to Mum, and they have a 500 yard range for me to flex those .308 muscles. Not a bad place, but there are some safety rules I don't like. They don't have lights for a warning and the other shooters don't check if everyone is all set before firing. Some old fuck yelled at me for being across the range when he got back and started fucking with his pistol, he never checked if we were done setting up targets when he got back.
In my book this is how it should go.
1) make eye contact with everyone at the range, and make sure everyone is ok with you going down.2) step back from your weapon3) people go downrange and do their thing.4) once everyone is back, make eye contact and make sure everyone is behind the line and everyone is ready for the range to go hot.
This boob yelled at me that I wasn't safe when he ignored #4. but then again he was in a big rush to shoot 6 shots then pack up and go home. You cannot rush around and be safe.

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