Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Question Everything

By default, we accept the viewpoints and opinions of others. It’s a natural byproduct of our tribal heritage to agree with those in our tribe and to distrust those from another tribe. Of course I don’t mean tribes in the literal sense, as tribes in modern society can be numbered in the millions. And you can belong to many tribes. I am a member of the American Tribe, the Libertarian Tribe, the Geek Tribe, the Gamer Tribe, so on and so forth.

What we need to do is question everything. The white house has admitted they don’t release anything without an iron hand controlling the media. The most sought-after position is that of a “spin-doctor” or “Press relations” or “Media consultant” In other words liars. Worse than liars, as they limit access to all the facts to prevent you from making an honest opinion on whatever happened.

This is why I question everything. Nothing is accepted as fact without evidence to back it up. Let’s take a look at the Gold investment people. You have seen them quoted on survivalist websites and I know you see their banner adds everywhere. They have an agenda – to sell you gold – and they will spin any economic DNG (Doom and Gloom) news to get you to do so. They are a business, there is nothing wrong with that. But if you’re using those articles to plan for an economic crisis, realize the whole story is not presented. Avoid the trap of using only limited information.

With All this fact checking, you run the risk of being late on making some calls. The most pressing for us is when/if to bug out. I’m finding that with the research and checking of facts I’m better prepared to make calls of what’s going to happen. But understanding the information behind what crap’s coming out of the talking heads mouth, you can put together a better picture of what’s the real story going on.

A funny by-product of all this is I’m in between the two main “survival circles”. There are those who feel Waco was completely orchestrated by the illumanati, or those who think David Koresh deserved everything he got. Likewise, there are those who feel 9-11 was an inside job, so on and so forth. I’m smack dab in the middle of both sides. My brother, “Bill”, who thinks I’m “asleep” because I don’t think the jet contrails are medicine being dispensed to keep us depressed. Or my good buddy “Joe” who thinks I’m an idiot because mass passed that law to kick in doors and forcibly quarantine you and I feel that the cops are going to take advantage of it, since the WHO already declared a pandemic.

So question everything. Question why that ad wants you to buy gold. Question why they want to raise taxes. Question why Executive orders are not subject to approval by congress or the Supreme Court. Question why milk and bread prices are going up, but inflation is negative. Question why towns are cracking down on speeders and performing “taxation by enforcement”. Question ALL of it. If enough of us ask these questions maybe then we can get the truth for a real journalist, rather than some shithead who can read of a teleprompter and whiten his teeth.


irishdutchuncle said...

9/11 as an inside job? possible. i'll probably never know for certain it wasn't. i'll never probably know who else besides oswald was shooting at kennedy 46 years ago in dallas. jimmy hoffa's killers have never been convicted. it never occurred to me that women would murder their children, because their current boyfriends didn't want families...

we frequently underestimate on our worst case estimates, which is why we all need to build some surge capacity into our preps.

Truth can be elusive at times, although the persuit is always worthy, some things we may not discover in our own lifetimes. if in doubt, prep some more.

Mayberry said...

I pretty much take what the extreme right has to say, compare it to what the extreme left has to say, and figure the truth must lie somewhere in the middle. As to corporate advertising, well.... Then you get folks like Gerald Celente. The guy sells predictions, period. It matters not what those predictions are. "Trend analysis" he calls it. When a guy like that says things are going down the crapper (along with his clients...) I tend to take notice. Granted, his brand of doom and gloom has brought him his 15 minutes of fame on the Glenn Beck show and the like. But his doom and gloom is based on solid fact, and rational thought. There are more like him out there, economists and such. They're singing the same tune. Taps....