Tuesday, October 27, 2009

As the Days Crawl By

It is interesting on how we humans perceive the 4th dimension. Time can zip by, or slow to a crawl. For me, it is crawling along.

One of the side effects of this slow economy is that employers can take their sweet-ass time when hiring a new employee. This sucks for me because I have a financial gun pointed at my head.

I went to HR to see if they could do anything for me. Well suffice to say this HR department is like every other HR department, they just try to fuck you over, and avoid a lawsuit. I do have excellent grounds for a lawsuit, but whatever cash I could get wouldn't be worth the stain on my reputation.

Time, time, time. The collapse of the American dollar is just a matter of time. Just look at this graph:
It is in freefall. a few micro-rallies aside we are going straight for the magic number of 72. Rawles feels this is the magic number for collapse, and if he is right then we will dance around it for a week or two before finally plummeting through it. It is a weird psychological barrier, like gold breaking $1000, or the DOW breaking 10,000. Break 72 it it will. The question is what do our bondholders do about it...

I'm old enough to remember Carter's presidency. What I do remember was that America was the world's bitch, to put it in the modern vernacular. Iran taking th hostages, OPEC acting tough, the CCCP throwing a coup in Afghanistan. I'm going to come out and say it: Obama is a pussy. Now I feel he will have an excellent post-presidential career as a peacemaker, like Carter. I have always respected Carter's work in that regard, but as a president he was a clusterfuck. Obama is just like him. Willing to push the Progressive "America sucks" mantra to the rest of the world. I bet that if we weren't neck deep in a multi-war shitstorm that he would be cutting military spending, even if to fund his own S.A.

This got me to thinking on how Carter and Obama are different. Carter wasn't involved in actual warfare when the rest of the world figured out he could be pushed around. The US military is under strain from fighting two wars. Our whole post WWII military has been designed and geared to support two major wars at once. What happens if China invades Taiwan? Or North Korea goes over the top into S. Korea? Our military needs to finish up Iraq and Afghanistan pronto, before something really, really, bad happens.

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Mayberry said...

Were pretty much screwed... Yup, employers are enjoying being able to make prospective employees jump through hoops, dance, and sing for them. My boss is taking the opportunity to become a totalitarian dick head (though he is just a puppet of the "big boss", and not very bright, so I suspect it isn't by his own design. Such is life when the supply of workers exceeds the demand...