Monday, October 12, 2009

Decline is a Choice

This article is a must read. My feeble writings are unable to summarize what this well-written and thought-provoking article articulates.

The liberals have to be stopped. I am not responsible for the sins of my father. This is America, and we laid the foundation for the removal of the feudal class system. I am not responsible for the sins of my ancestors who were slave owners. I will not apologize for something I was unable to prevent. I don't practice slavery, I didn't elect the officials who led us to war in Vietnam. I didn't fly a plane into the WTC.

I will not, cannot, and would not grovel or debase myself or my fellow Americans to the altar of "Political Correctness". I will not bend my knee to the Chinese Communists, nor to the Saudi King. They can go kiss my ass!

But yet I'm the "bad guy" because I think America has a lot to offer. I feel the idea of America is the best thing to hit this planet. What's written in the Constitution is not what we live under. Sure it is a Utopic vision that we never will reach, but we have a blueprint that works as long as everyone does their part.

I'm not making a heartfelt plea for us to return to the 1950's - fuck no. What I do want is to have the National Pride of the 1950's. People didn't litter because THEIR country wasn't a trash heap. Walk through almost any area of the country and let me know how many plastic grocery sacks are in the trees. It's the perfect yardstick to determine who has pride in themselves and their country.

I also would like to see the economic policies of the 1950's - to some extent. Industry and innovation to provide real wealth - not the funny money of wall street. I could rant for hours.

Please take the time to read it for yourself, it outlines exactly some of the things I just never understood about the Liberal mindset.


Herbalpagan said...

I absolutely agree! We live inderful country, full of wonderful things, peopled by those who grew up knowing that they had something wonderful and founded on principles that are unbeatable.

But somewhere, the people forgotthat. Somewhere, the great bounty was takken advantage of by the government. Maybe we had it too good. I don't know, but I want what I grew up with back. I'm sick of being called a terrorist, sick of being threatened with the race card, sick of everywhere seeing people who just wantto have the government take care of them instead of working for what they get.

tweell said...

It's almost like going back to the decline of Rome. We have the dole and TV replacing bread and circuses, politicians and celebrities are the upper class, telling us to do as they say, not as they do.

Mayberry said...

Tweell said it. '50s pride died with the birth of TV. Big Corporate and Big Government, along with overzealous environmental loons killed manufacturing. It'll never be like it was back then. Nope. Everything will be small scale, if at all. Welcome to the New World Order. Bend over, grab ankles, brace yerself...

irishdutchuncle said...

i draw a slightly different conclusion than krauthammer does, but it's a good article. i think there's no better time than now for us to get ourselves out of the world empire business, and make a strategic retreat to a more defensible position. if that requires the obamination we now have, i'll try to live with it.

we haven't "walked softly" as a country in my lifetime, and our big stick has termites. (we've been set up, to fail) i miss the DOD job that i lost to the "peace dividend", but i could live with the situation if american kids weren't being sent all over the world to get killed for the power elite.