Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Middle class tax

The federal government cannot get anything right, therefore we need to minimize the impact of it's ineptitude by reducing what the Federal Government is responsible for. So let's recap my position on the responsibilities of government. And you can quote me on this.

1) Protect my inalienable rights - Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

That's it. Seems a small thing, just one line of text. then again there isn't a lot that needs to be done. We need to defend our borders. I can't be free when under the thumb of a foreign power. I cannot pursue happiness when I'm robbed, assaulted, or killed. I cannot be happy when I get defrauded.

Liberty to pursue my own religion in whatever form I see fit, so long as it doesn't infringe on anyone else's rights. So I cannot marry a 16 year old, even with parental consent, as the child bride's rights are inviolate until she decides to act on them as an adult - 18 years old. I can marry 12 women, if I wanted that many headaches (ha ha) so long as all did it of their free will. Heck, if a woman in Boise wanted 55 husbands to rub her feet and peel grapes for her, so much the better.

Likewise if a group wanted to all marry each other I could care less, lust like I don't care if two men or two women married. When it comes to the secular side of the marriage - NOTHING APPLIES! More on that in another post.

Freedom to assemble, freedom of the press, all part of my pursuit of happiness.

After that, there is NOTHING I want from the government. I give you a case-in-point, the "cash for clunkers" program. Poorly designed, ineptly implemented, and stomps on my liberty by taking over my PC when I agree to their splash screen. That is the face of the modern federal government. Any car that was affordable to a low-income family is now $4500, since that's what the government will buy it for. So if Cindy Citizen, a single mother of three, needs a minivan because hers died is now unable to commute back and forth to work, and goes on welfare. The $500 shitbox she would have bought is now $4500. Good job Fedz! Aren't you supposed to help people get off of the government teat?

I could not even begin to enumerate how the current federal government is unable and/or unwilling to provide my basic rights.

How many millions of people, not just south Americans, but east Europeans, Africans, etc., cross into America illegally? Time to secure the border. If that means pulling troops from Germany, Turkey, Greece, Cuba, and so on and so forth - then DO IT. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to house troops here in America than it does to put them up in South Korea or Okinawa.

Taxing me 50%+ of my income is not part of my happiness. Some taxes and fees are inevitable. This tax rate is inexcusable. I do not want government healthcare or retirement. We have already seen time and time again that the federal government cannot run any program in an efficient and profitable manner.

Eliminate the bulk of spending and tax me the same as everyone else. 7% across the board is fair. How can I enjoy liberty when I pay for everyone else to loaf around? I can do a better job managing my retirement money than the government. I can pick my own health insurance company. I am financially responsible for myself.

One thing that needs to be changed, which has been changed recently but not enough is bankruptcy law. I know people that maxed their cards buying stuff, flipping it for cash, then burying the cash and declaring bankruptcy. 7 years later they have a great credit rating, and can buy a house with all the $ they stole. I'm leaning that people should not be able to declare bankruptcy. But then again, what if someone gets sick and cannot work, so they cannot afford the mortgage and bills... I would have to say personal bankruptcy should be available, but only under extreme duress. the advantage for this is people will have to think before borrowing money.

It is so simple, I can see it so clearly the strength and prosperity we could enjoy. The best part of it is we wouldn't have to invade other countries or such militaristic nonsense. We would have a negative impact on those countries who we give aid too. But then again America is not supposed to be a welfare state. Perhaps in time these countries would turn themselves around as long as we could lead the way. The American revolution sparked massive change around the world for the betterment of all, I think the second revolution could do the same.


Herbalpagan said...

I agree! Taxing us that much is a defineite infringement on my liberty and pursuit of happiness, but to me it also is definetely "taxation without representation". I certainly don't feel like I am being represented. Do you?
Yes - it really IS just that simple.
Are you going to join us at the get together on the 22nd?

Adam said...

AMEN! You hit the hammer on the head on that one. Great post. You said just about everything that's been on my mine this week. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you say. The cash for clunkers program is a poorly thought out and poorly executed waste.

The thing is that everyone is for small government.

Then I get to thinking should there be an FAA or should each state be responsible for the planes in their own airspace and then try to coordinate what 10,000 flights a day?

Ditto for the FDA (which screws everything up and is in the pocket of big pharma). I mean we can't have each state responsible for the food and drugs within their own borders with 50 different laws.

You see what I mean government gets pretty big pretty fast?

My own opinion is that the military should be shrunk by 1/2 and at least 75% of the foreign bases should be closed. It's been proven time and time again that if you have it you will use it. Shrink the military to a defensive size and that is what ti will be.

FBI? CIA? USDA? USPS? Look at the president's cabinet.


irishdutchuncle said...

in reference to your future post about marriage, the live and let live libertarian view is flawed. (especially if you believe in less government) you know that every licensed marriage creates a new entitlement. (which is why the radical liberals have been pushing for recognition of un-natural unions as marriages. they plan to kill america by exhausting us through entitlements) benefits which rightly belong to women with young children will be extended to people who (IMHO) don't deserve them. some queer guys stay at home interior decorator bitch, is not the equivalent of a wife. redefining marriage is anti- family, and anti-woman. the ERA was never ratified, (for good reason) it's time to stop the political correctness crowd from imposing it.