Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Barney Frank

What a tool. Getting into a shouting match with your constituents is a good way to continue your alienation of the moderates, driving more into tea-party demonstrations.

Barney the Boob got angry because the woman was comparing Obamacare to the policies of the Nazi's. And Barney got his boxers in a bunch about it. Is such a comparison so unfair?

Now Obammy isn't a Nazi. Since he is half black half white, either side of the race war Tim Mcveigh tried to start would toss him out on his ear (or much, much worse). But the policies of the modern Democratic and Republican parties are very much of a progressive nature.

Let's establish a timeline. In the early 20th century the progressive movement started here in America. Some of the key points of the Progressive Movement were betterment of mankind, and government reform. Sounds good on paper, but the reality was this. Prohibition, eugenics, the welfare state, ICC, FDA, FTC, Income Tax and The Federal Reserve system are all direct results of Progressive policies.

The Nazi's liked a lot of the progressive policies. The Nazi's were not all evil. We would like to think so, but I can assure you they were not. I've talked with some, and they are horrified to what happened. I'm convinced some had no idea about the death camps, but that doesn't excuse their anti-semmitism.

The Nazi's were elected on the promise of stopping the spread of communism, restoring pride in Germany, lowering unemployment, governmental reform, so on and so forth. Sound familiar? In fact, the ideas of eugenics resonated with the Nazi elite, and led directly to the deaths of millions. Not just the Jews, but Homosexuals, the mentally retarded, the crippled, the blind, etc. The Nazi's were so intent on the master race crap that they killed off millions of their own citizens in order to keep the bloodline pure.

Now progressivism is back in style. In this day and age of yellow journalism, i was shocked at the lack of outcry when Hillary Clinton called herself a progressive. Shivers ran down my spine. What if these days the "impure" are those that don't support homosexuality or the welfare state? a committee of nitwits could condemn anyone to forced sterilization for harboring anti-state thoughts.

I'm all for choice, and it looks to me that is the target of this administration. I see a removal of free enterprise and choice in this health care "reform". We didn't have a choice with all these economic bailouts. We have no choice as the economy is buckling under the load of debt, and he is adding more and more.

Barney Frank is the classic example of what is wrong with congress. His unabashed incompetence as he lied to the press on how financially secure Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac was. His smug attitude, and vile demeanor to voters who hold a different viewpoint. His inability to talk rationally, as he spouts hate and raises his voice to elicit emotion. All he needs is a pencil mustache and a podium in a beer hall.

Truth be told we cannot say if the current crop of progressives are worse than the Nazi's. I have no idea what they are up to. On thing these progressives have learned from the Nazi's is how to manipulate and control the press. So we won't see what the Truth is until history is written, long after these events unfold.


Mayberry said...

"What if these days the "impure" are those that don't support homosexuality or the welfare state? "

There ain't no "what if" about it, we're there....

Anonymous said...

Barney Frank is disgusting.But not as disgusting as the people who voted for him.How these scumbags manage to get reelected year after year is mind boggling.

shiloh1862 said...
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shiloh1862 said...

Mr. Frank needs his neck stretched for treason.

Of course, he is not alone.


Western Mass. Man said...

He is the prime example of what is wrong with Massachusetts.
Here's to seeing his demise next year. *CLINK*

tjbbpgobIII said...

Timmothy McVeigh tried to start a race war----WTF. I THOUGHT HE WAS GETTING VENGANCE THE FEDS FOR WACO.