Thursday, June 4, 2009

Movie review - Star Trek

I am a wicked geek, and yes I did go and see Star Trek a couple weeks ago. So I figured I'd give a short review on what I thought about the movie.

I an not a trekkie. I like the original and especially the Next Generation. Deep Space 9 was boring, Voyager was an excellent idea but it jumped the shark very early. Enterprise was a clusterfuck from the start. I consider myself more of a sci-fi fan than any particular show or series.

Having said that, I loved it.

It had a very good story, and made it abundantly clear that this is a separate timeline, an alternate reality from the original show. Unlike the original series the acting in this was top notch. Zachary Quinto delivers an amazing performance that will get forgotten around Oscar time.

The series is updated to what we would think the future would look like, not what someone in the 60's would think. Inside jokes like the "red shirt" kiss of death were kept. The story is a well-balanced mix of story, drama, and action. Yes, you can bring a girl on a date to it and still have a decent chance of getting some.

I am looking forward to the next one.

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