Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Arbeit macht frei

These were the words the Nazi's displayed over many of their concentration camps. Translated into English it means "Work will set you free." Part of the pure evil of the Nazi regime was that thier biggest lies were fundementally true. I am certain that unless you saw the unmasked truth of what the Nazi's really stood for it was very easy to get caught up in the propaganda machine. (Another similarity to our current situation?)

The problem is we are like the inmates in Dachau, except we cannot see the concentration camp. Make no bones about it we are working and toiling not for our own freedom, but for the freedom of the Looters, for the welfare state, for the military-industrial complex. Now before everyone puts on their tin-foil hats, I haven't bought into the conspiracy theory just yet.

The progressives want "Social Justice." From my point of view it means I work to give a handout to others. That's a crock of poop. Human beings are a low-entropy creature. In other words, if left on their own they would gradually settle to a lower-energy state. So, if you make it so they don't have to work, they won't.

I don't even have a clue to what social justice is. I'm a white male (Actually, I'm Cherokee but I'm white as wonderbread so for this argument, let's go by outward appearance.) To me it means I have to work harder to get a job than a female, or a minority to get a job. Companies get all kinds of perks for hiring minorities. Now I got to work ten times as hard to compete against a minority female. So to mean social justice, for me, is the end of affirmative action. To someone else it means something completely different. Companies will hire a lesser qualified minority applicant just because whatever tax breaks or quotas they meet are worth it.

Working for the welfare state makes you a slave, not free. If you work for yourself, and for your own benifit, then work can really set you free. I want to be free. I want to be free from outrageous taxes, free from carrying the dead weight of the unwilling worker. Free from a union that is out to preserve the status quo. So I need to find a Midas Mulligan who is setting up an Atlantis and sign up. Or, I need to get the cash to become Midas myself.

So work will make you free. You just have to know who your working for - yourself and your family. You work your ass off until you can throw off the yoke that is choking you. The hardest thing will be to keep your eyes on the prize. I'm having trouble with that these days. I don't know if America will go tit's up tomorrow or next week. I just want to be ready just in case. In the meantime we need to put up a fight for our country. Work will set you free, so work for the political changes it will take to throw these assholes out of power. You cannot bank on a collapse, so we need to cover all angles by working towards political change now!

It's like your buying land in Arizona hoping California will slip into the ocean. If it happens you got prime real estate, but you cannot bet the farm on it our odds are you are going to lose. We cannot sit idly by while the progressives, the "modern liberals" run this country into the shitter. If we do not make an honest attempt at trying to fix it, then we are no better than the golden horde as it rampages around. The blood of the innocent sheeple will be on our hands.

I'm on the prowl for another tea party for the 4th of July. I'll see about starting one if it already isn't in the works.


Bitmap said...

"I have to work harder to get a job than a female, or a minority"

In many cases the other person is hired to avoid complications with the EEOC while you are hired to do the work. Of course that means that your salary is lower than it would be if they didn't have to pay someone to fill a quota.

The minorities that I've know who really could do the work were always paid more because they could do the work and fill the quota.

Mayberry said...

Your points are valid, but I find that we're just beating our heads against the wall. Too many sheeple have been sucked in by nanny.gov, and will continue to vote the socialists back into office. Corporations have bought the politicians they want in place. The handfull of Freedom lovers like you and I don't stand a chance. Collapse truly is our only hope.... Don't worry, it's coming....