Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More cooking of the books

Well one thing we forget when we look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average is that the 30 companies that make it up are not the same ones that started there. In September, Kraft replaced AIG in the DJIA. Well since Kraft has done a lot better than any of the financial institutions, don't you think that that would provide a boost to the average?

On June 8th, Cisco will replace GM and Travelers will replace Citigroup. I'm in the IT industry, and Cisco is one of the heavyweights. I fully expect a huge jump in the average when this takes place.

The average sheeple would just see the jump, not the reasons why and just figure this depression, er recession is over. They will believe the hype.

You, dear reader, need to stay on top of these shenanigans. We need to educate those sheeple to see the lies. Not just the big lies but the little ones as well. We should not be afraid of our government the government should be afraid of us. Afraid of the light of Truth. Afraid for their jobs. Someone turned on the lights and the politicians scurry off like the cockroaches they are.

Yesterday, I had a day off to fight a ticket in court. The officer from the local PD that represents the town for all the tickets was drunk. Like fucking hammered. A disgrace. Well at least he's only driving drunk to and from the court, instead of a whole shift, right?

I understand there is a brotherhood between police officers, as there should be. But a real brother would get the guy help, not stuff him off to court to continue to be disgrace the department, and a danger to the community.

I did stop by bass pro shop, since I had the rest of the day off. I picked up some new shoes, and they had a butchering kit for $14. It's just the knives and such, but it's all in a case and it was cheap. I tossed it in with my camping preps. If I do run off to the woods, at least I have what I need to butcher the big game.

They also had boxes and boxes of 9mm Luger. It was FMJ, but since it has been so scarce, and Mum has been shooting the 9mm, I bought 10 boxes. I'll stash 5 boxes at my place, and give the other 5 for her use. I have a box of personal protection ammo for her once she has her LTC. (Right now, the gun is in my brother's name, and we will do the legal transfer once Mum has her license. Obviously, she is not in possession of it unless she is at the range with myself or my brother. So it's 100% legal guys! No, seriously, we are 100% legal, I'm not losing my LTC by making a mistake.)

I did find out some about why ammo and reloading supplies are so short. Turns out the federal budget is up on July 1st. So all the big agencies have been loading up with whatever they have left in their budgets. So 90%+ of every ammo maker's stock has been getting sold to the DHS, ICE, FBI, DOD, and all the other alphabet soups. What's left then goes to state police, then to municipal police suppliers. What little is left we get. We should see the markets return to normal for ammunition by the end of the summer, once the existing orders have been filled.

Now the reason why these agencies are buying ammo by the factory load is for two reasons. First, their budgets are up so they need to spend the money or lose it. Secondly, ammo will go up in price next year, and we can expect all the budgets to be reduced. Most are figuring a 33% reduction in budget because these agencies know the fed cannot keep printing money and the DoR (Day of Reckoning) is coming. Since ammo doesn't go bad it's better to stock up now and then the budget cuts don't cut as sharply.

Hopefully this puts some of the fears to rest. One guy was telling me Blackwater was buying it all to fight a revolutionary war once our economy collapses and put the neo-cons in charge. I hope not, they are just as crazy as the liberal moon-bats.

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Interesting perspective on the whole thing.