Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bumbling Bearer Bonds

The MSM completely missed that $130 Billion of US issued bearer bonds were attempted to be smuggled across the Italian/Swiss border. The bonds were in a suitcase with a false bottom.

Read this article. And this article on market-ticker.

German media is now reporting the bonds are real. Now I wasn't 100% sure about what exactly a bearer bond was, excpet my knowledge from Die Hard, so I wanted to bone up on it with Wikipedia.

According to the US treasury, there is only $105 million remaining of these bonds.
Now with all the zeroes we could get confused, but $130B is a fuckload more than the $105 million left, according to the treasury. So what's up?

Either the bonds are real, and the US treasury is lying to us, and all the countries buying our debt, or the bonds are fake, and they almost pulled off a real big caper. But wait a second... Bearer bonds are SERIALIZED, so you can bet your first born child that whoever is going to pony up that much cash for a bond is going to make DAMN sure it's real.

So I'm leaning towards they are real. Which should scare the shit out of everyone.That means the US treasury has been printing bonds without the knowledge of the American people and selling it. The money raised with the bond sales was used for who-knows-what nefarious plans.

I fully expect that bloated toad Barney Frank to do nothing about it.


shiloh1862 said...

yeah the MS silence is very telling if you ask me...


western mass. man said...

Funny, isn't it?
The stories that I have read are conflicting at best. Some says counterfeit, some say they are real. Problem is, if they are fake, why weren't they arrested? If I was printing up $20's, you bet the Treasury would be all over my ass, but these 2 walked away. Keep in mind Italy stands to get 40% of the booty if they are real. There is a strange flip to this as it's been reported that there is a link to the Phillipines. Part of the story can be found on JWR's site for Friday.

Mayberry said...

Definitely something fishy going on there... And as usual, We the People are being fed a line of horse shit.....