Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rage against Fascism

Oscar nominees were announced, Grammies were given out. I am so exited I could just fart.

Bread and Circuses for the masses! Let's all "ooooohhh" and "awwwwww" as the world burns. There is so much white noise out there it gives me time to think. Like a Japanese kid having a seizure from a Manga show, I'm reduced to twitching and foaming at the mouth most days. Not from the bewildering array of "human interest" stories and main stream media distractions to what's going on. Wait a second, If I have zero interest in a human interest story, does that mean I'm no longer human?

As I twitch in a fuming rabid rage against the injustices we are being subjected to, I look upon the sheep on the commuter rails with abject scorn. How can they be so blind? I mean it is obvious that the growth of government is a BAD THING, right? Do these people have a clue?

Rage, rage at the dying of the light. I rage against the death of freedom. I am firmly convinced that this road we are led down by the democratic and republican Pied Pipers leads not to Socialist, but a Fascist state. I think the Republicans and Democrats are marching us toward Fascism so once we have a fascist state, then the two parties can duke it out in another Night of the Long knives to see who will lead, and who will be ground under the jack-boots heel. We need to find the path we were supposed to be on, and haul ass over there. The first step is to bushwhack these leaders by voting them out of office now.

I think we might be able to pull something off that has never been done before. We, the People, can amend our Constitution. Let's amend our Constitution so that on Jan 1, 2011 ALL seats of congress and the senate are up for grabs. Same with the executive branch. The Supreme Court would be adjourned so that those bums are tossed out on their butts too. Those positions can be filled by the new administration.

In this coup, there are no primaries. there is no special favors given to one party or another. Everyone votes count as the electoral college is abolished. The one with the most votes is the president, the one with the 2nd most is vice president. It how it used to be, and it's how it will be again. No longer can some political machine parade it's two favored sons out like stud horses for our liking. They got to back two separate candidates if they want to lock up the executive branch.

No more. We will end fascism in our lifetimes.


Herbalpagan said...

I so understand! I find myself becoming more and more of an "elitist", only choosing people who are awake and informed to hang out with. I don't have any interest in the masses who are so easily led.
My one and only issue with kicking every single bum out of all three branches of our government would be in who might possibly take over. I fear that we will see a massive power grab and things could be even worse (which is hard to imagine)

Mayberry said...

The sheeple are extremely frustrating. Most of them will remain oblivious to anything beyone "American Idol" and "Entertainment Tonight". They know ten times more about Brad and Angelina than what stooge "represents" them at any level. The vast majority have no clue what Congressional district they live in. Hell, lots don't even know what county... It's disgusting. I've absolutely ZERO faith in the system, in it changing appreciably, or in the sheeple to give a shit whether it changes or not. So long as their little world isn't shook up too much, they could care less....

chinasyndrome said...

Sounds like a Damn fine plan to me.