Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teachers or Riot Police?

So this is pretty damn funny. The department of education is buying 27 riot shotguns... need I comment more?

What in sam hill is the department of education is doing with any shotguns is beyond me. It's official this country is too screwy for words. Common sense is quite uncommon these days. What gets me is these shotguns are sawed-off, it's illegal for a civilian to have them because the barrel is so short.

Ok everyone, sing along! (stupid embedding disabled dammit)


Herbalpagan said...

Well, they need those guns! They are probably a wee bit jealous of the park service, who get their own SWAT unit, and besides, they need them to shot more holes in the Constitution.

3rdman said...

All you have to do is pony up 200.00 for the short barrel tax stamp plus cost of shotgun of course and you can own your very own as well.

Mayberry said...

Hmmm.... Feds attacked Randy Weaver and Co. for cutting off shotguns that .govs are ordering left and right, but us peons ain't allowed to have..... .Govs who have no bid'ness having firearms are ordering them, and ammo like there's no tomorrow. And I'm supposed to trust these bastards?!

3rdman said...

You know got to thinking in some school district the teachers probably need to carry riot shotguns. Would you work LA or Chicago schools without one. Just think instead of a paddle, you have a shotgun laying across your desk. That would be the best behaved class ever. No talking back to the teacher in that class. haha Ok back to the real world now.