Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've been doing a lot of thinking lately (which is a bad thing for collectivist-altruistic-statists) and I have begun to write a bunch about it. One thing that I have been mulling over is a complete re-branding of this blog.

There are a lot of things I would like to share, but the blogger format isn't conductive for file repositories, etc. I have also given some thought to doing a podcast. Mayberry beat me to it, but not by much. if you haven't listened to them yet, you really should. iTunes is a free download and there are thousands of free podcasts to listen from, and you don't even need an account, or a iTouch or iPhone to listen to them. Just download them as an MP3 and stuff them on your MP3 player or rip them to CD and listen to them in the car.

I have found podcasts make the long commute go a bit faster, especially on the days I'm suffering from writer's block. I listen to all kinds of podcasts including technology-related ones through freedom-oriented ones, and of course a couple prepper-related ones. I have the computer and related equipment, including a good microphone, so I just need the time to do it.

Then my wicked accent can torment you guys :)

Anyway I've been looking around my 'hood, and most of the for sale signs are down, but I know no one new has moved in because the same cars are parked in the driveway. So much for "green shoots." We are in a tailspin, our economy has no where to go but straight into the hopper. For all the hubbub about lower job losses than expected, we are still losing too many jobs. I just saw an article about forcing lenders to take it in the hoop in short sales. Evidently there are no limits to what this administration will do to look good, because none of these programs will save this sinking ship.

Now it the time to be vigilant, now is the time to ready yourself for what is to come. Although I am going to Vegas on vacation, I'm doing it as frugally as possible. All spare cash is being devoted to preps. I'm buying even more food and medical supplies for the coming storm. I even bought more ammo.

Which reminds me, I forgot to mention I went to my first gun show. Now, let em preface this by saying it was in MA, so it's not a "real" one. I went for the express intention of buying a hunting rifle, bolt-action, in .308 Winchester. Preferably with a stainless steel barrel. For short money. That didn't happen because all the firearms were stupidly expensive. Like a shitty bolt-action was listed for $1000 with a scope... I can buy NEW for that, and get a decent nikon monarch scope on it, in stainless steel to boot.

For the most part ammo was damn expensive too. There were a few vendors selling reloading supplies, but they didn't have anything I needed, so I passed. I did buy 1000 rounds of .22 LR for plinking, at $30 per 500. All the other ammo was on par for what I get from my local gun store. It was worth going, and I may go to another, but this time try to be be of the first guys in the door, I spoke with a few guys from the gun range and they did see some good deals, but they didn't last long.

Well with that addition of .22 ammo I should be all set so long as I replace what I use. I have 2000 rounds set aside, and it will go quick if the poop hits the fan as I will want to keep practicing. Practice makes perfect, and the Zombies won't kill themselves, ya know.

I did manage to sight in my target .308 with it's new scope, and I have to say I am very impressed with the scope I bought from BSA. I have had poor luck in the past, so I was hesitant to buy another, but so far, so good. (knocks on wood). I'll shoot it some more this weekend, and sight it in for 200 yards. then I'll run it through it's paces and give a full report.

That's enough rambling for now, I need to finish up here so I can catch the train home. Please remember to spend a little less on frivolity and a little more on preps the next few weeks. I expect gas to keep going up until it stabilizes in the summer, so it might be good to put up another few gallons now, while they still are selling the winter blend.

Also take the time to look through your supplies and make sure nothing is amiss. It would really suck to find the yeast you need to make bread is bad after all the stores are looted...


Mayberry said...

Holy shit! I pay 14 bucks for 550 rounds of .22lr down here! When anyone has any, that is...

I bemoan the inability to post files on blogs too. You should do a podcast, accent or no. I listened to your interview last year and loved it. You talk too damn fast, but I'll get over it, heh heh heh....

Herbalpagan said...

For that price I might as well support my local gun shop when we buy our next guns. I'll go to VT or Cn for the ammo.
I'd love to hear another podcast, so start doing them!

next meeting 3/20

Western Mass. Man said...

This weekend is the show at The Big E. I don't expect to see anything good in terms of sales.
Funny, I went to Wally world last weekend and spotted Federal 550 bulk pack for 25.00 in .22lr. I should snagged it, but Mamma was givin me the eye, so I had to pass. Dammit.
Anywhere else it's 30 - 35 bucks for that box.

chinasyndrome said...

Damn,here in Ind. 550-555 pks of.22lr $15-17.But if you were out and zombies coming at ya,it would be a deal at $100 a pk.I say load up on anything you shoot while you can.Brother if ya talk like ya write it should be great!


SmartLikeTruck.com said...

Natog, you work in IT don't ya?
Buy yourself a domain name and get some server space and upload and host whatever the heck you want. I did it myself because I want to end my dependence on the big online media companies such as Google, Yahoo, Micro$oft, Twitbook, Facepalm. Googles "don't be evil" can change in the blink of an eye.

Not much to see on my site yet, but I'm working on it.

If you decide to get some server space check out the company I use for hosting.(I get a kickback if you use the link on my page to order)
If you stick with blogger and need a place to host your podcasts or other files that you hold the copyright on I'd be happy to host them for ya - you too Mayberry!
Hell, if enough preppers need a place for podcasts I'd setup a site dedicated to it. Hit me up on the contact form on my site if interested SmartLikeTruck.com

SmartLikeTruck.com said...
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