Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rising Concern

My ears have been alerted, not by a noise, but the absence of it. I haven't heard much about the oil prices going up, and therefore the "little old ladies" freezing to death. Usually at this time of year one of the Kennedy's is pushing for donations to his oil fund for the poor. But curiously, it's quiet.

I think things are a lot worse out there than usual, and there is a sort of conspiracy not to talk about the pink elephant in the corner. I've dropped the heat in my house to 55 when I'm not there, and only up to 60 when I am there. If you don't have one, get a programmable thermostat! The local oil mafia filled me up in June, and I still have about 1/2 a tank left. I'm not looking forward to filling it again, #2 heating fuel is about $3.75ish a gallon right now...

Back to the original point. I suspect the media is drawing public attention to the plight of "poor florida farmers" and away from the economy. Funny thing is, most citrus farming is done by large corporations, not families. So everyone line up and shed a tear because Tropicana might not make it's projected profit margin! Boo-fucking-hoo.

I'd laugh my ass off if this was another mini-ice age like there was in the 1800's. It did suck, and led to all kinds of human misery, but in this day and age, I would laugh my ass off. I should see if any of the casinos in vegas would take my action on which climate change nitwit would be tarred and feathered first?

On further thought it would suck for us. Oil and food prices would go up sharply. The question would be if panic would set in? Anyway, when I order my seeds, I should plan for another crappy growing season.

The first step in avoiding a trap is knowing of its existence. Beware the trap of the mind. Don't let people think for you, try to see through the boob-tube's influence. The second wave of mortgage collapses is coming, and we need to stay vigilant. Plan for a crappy growing season. From what I heard the upland game this year was scarce, odds are it will be bad next year too. So if you are planning for pheasants to get you through the fall, then be sure to have a plan B, and a plan C.


Sunfighter said...

When oil was $150 a barrel, that's when I started prepping for real. I didn't stop when the price went down. I've been watching oil prices edge up. The stock market goes up, oil prices go up. The dow is way too high anyway. Oil may come down again or it will go up. If it goes back to $150 a barrel the economy will likely collapse. The economy is weak and there is no real recovery taking place. Oil could make a weak economy even worse.

This so called recovery is all smoke and mirrors anyway, but oil prices could be the nails in the coffin. The price of everything will follow the price of oil. Food shortages have been predicted for 2010. Higher gas prices assure higher food costs as well as everything else. I don't listen to anything spewed by the MSM. It's all propaganda anyway.

I've always figured that high oil prices would collapse the economy, if it shoots up again. That's the potential trigger I watch the most. When the trucks stop rolling because gas is too expensive or not available, TSHTF will hit us all. Watch oil prices carefully, in my opinion it will be oil prices that trigger TSHTF.

Herbalpagan said...

Oil is always the key...I heard this week that gas will soon be over$3 again and might not stop. This, of course, leads to higher prices and perhaps shortages as trucks can't afford to run.
Don't forget to get out and vote on Tuesday! Brown is the country's best chance at stopping senate filibusters for the next year.

Next get together: January 23

chinasyndrome said...

Always the distractions.Yeah I'm with sunfighter it'll be the oil.

Anonymous said...

I just paid 4.75 a gal for propane yesterday, 429.00, for three weeks!
woulda been better off paying 2oo bux more a month on a better insulated rental.
did you get my email?

Mayberry said...

$3.75 for heating oil??!! Sheesh, they can use that goop for feedstock in a refinery. What a ripoff! I'd be getting me a wood stove....

Western Mass. Man said...

$3.75 seems awfully expensive.
Diesel fuel at the pump in my area is roughly $3.00 a gallon. It's the same as #2 heating oil, just with dye and road tax added.
I got 150 gals last week, and price was $2.60 a gal.
I'd give the crooks a call and demand a refund of some of it.