Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Circus Maximus

It blows my mind at all the chaos and distractions thrown around by every news outlet these days. We have so much going on, but the core issues are still not being addressed. What we have here is nothing but bread and games to distract us, to entertain us, to subdue us and bend our wills to their dread purpose.

I will not falter in my pursuit of freedom. These petty distractions will not deter me from my chosen path. I am ever vigilant, filtering the wheat of truth from the chaff of noise spewing from every media outlet.

I spoke at length the other day with a older gentleman who grew up in South America. He went through several martial laws in this unspecified country, and each one was carte blanche for the military to do whatever they wanted. Even after many years of living and raising a family here in America, I could sense the fear he still had.

I fear we are coming to a time where martial law will be declared in America. There are many trigger points, and these are all possible. Even the Federal Government has taken percautions by stationing troops to NorthCOM. So someone (very) high up in the food chain has decided that this is a very real possibility.

What's this mean to us? I guess it depends where you live. There is no way that martial law could be declared across the entire country. There simply are not enough troops and police to fulfill that mission. I see it more likely that areas of the country are locked down, and the rest of us can do whatever we want, more or less.

This is food for thought to keep in the back of the brain while perusing the "news" out there.

On a separate note, we are having a tough winter, and I fully expect a poor crop this year. Take whatever additional precautions you feel are necessary. That reminds me, "Bill" is on blood thinners, and I got to find some quick-clotting agent for him.


Herbalpagan said...

We're prepping like crazy out here!
Next meet up: Jan. 23

David said...

We're pretty concerned about this; prepping like crazy for the last 5 years and we've got our bug out spot ready - I'm actually making plans right now to move the family to the BOL, my largest concern right now is that we'll face immobility through martial law if we wait too long... hopefully you're right and the relatively unpopulated 5 hour drive between me and my final destination will be open... I feel like it's a time game now, can things hold on long enough for me to get the final pieces in place?

I'm "reassured" that the whole nation can't go into lockdown... at least not initially.


theotherryan said...

"There is no way that martial law could be declared across the entire country. There simply are not enough troops and police to fulfill that mission."

Unfortunately I have to disagree. Are there enough police and cops to have every neighborhood, town, rural road and key site guarded 24/7 and stop the free flow of people? No. However most of the reason martial law is scary is just as you said above, because of the carte blanche given to various organizations and entities.

Think about it like this. There is a boxing match with nice heavy 16 ounce gloves. If one boxer takes off the gloves and puts on spiked brass knuckles the fight is going to change very rapidly.

A guy who was evenly matched is going to loose for sure. A guy who was going to have an easy fight is either going to have a bad fight or loose.

Mayberry said...

"There is no way that martial law could be declared across the entire country. There simply are not enough troops and police to fulfill that mission"

I am pleasantly surprised that I must agree with TOR! City cops, Sheriff's deputies, constables, nat'l guard, border patrol, DEA, Homeland Securetitty, FBI, CIA, and all the other .govs out there will be quickly federalized, mobilized, and set forth to unleash tyranny. They will do so for fear of losing their jobs, or worse. It will be a freakin' minefield to negotiate....

We will have a poor crop, and a food shortage is eminant (sp? No spell check on comments....). The PTB will use this to their full advantage. Hell, they've helped set it up with their asenine farm policies, paying farmers NOT to produce. Either way, "modern agriculture" cannot continue to keep up with the ever exploding population. The land ain't there (without destroying what's left of wild lands), nor is the petroleum that fuels it all. We're in for a real rude awakening, the PTB sees it, and knows it. So get ready to hunker down my friend, 'cuz the sh!t storm is upon us....

3rdman said...

My thoughts on Martial Law


David said...

I think we all agree its "unconstitutional", but I find martial law crushing the constitution much easier to believe than someone "taking care of" the problem of an out of control president. Especially in the wake of Katrina, I'm not REALLY worried about a military dictatorship per se, I'm just worried that they'll lock the interstates down, preventing me from reaching BOL. Even if it's temporary, I don't want to get stuck in my current location if things tank.