Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quick Post

Been real busy of late. A new MMO called Aion came out, been playing that pretty heavy. Working on the resume too, can't wait to be free of this crappy job.

After reading a post the other day on, I went to the store and got some Tang. I also got one of the other items I was missing from my preps and that was multi-vitamins. I had forgotten how insidious scurvy can be. The one thing you need to remember about vitamin C is that it become inert very quickly when exposed to oxygen. So get some Tang, and pack it up into week-long packages and vacuum seal them.

I didn't see another item on my list on sale, so I'll wait. Fiber supplements will be rather nice to have, if all your eating is meat for 3 months. The more I think of how poorly my garden did, the more I worry about feeding myself and my family greens when the poop hits the fan. I think that if your cooped up hiding from roving bands of mutant biker zombies, one of the only pleasures your going to have is to take a nice dump once in a while, right? I doubt my stash of liquor will last too long, so what little entertainment I get might be from my digestive tract.

I'm getting really worried. Things are not looking well at all, and I fear the "zombie apocalypse" might not be too far off. I'm still living my life, I haven't given up on the world, but I am prepping more and more as my budget allows. With the shortage of primers I am super glad I bought what I did.

I now buy almost everything in bulk. If I need toothpaste, I buy two, and put one aside. Reminds me I'm out of aluminum foil, but I'll buy a lot of that, the stuff is too damn handy. Buying extra now of the stuff I use now will make it easier to prep. The downfall is you wind up with a lot of food that needs to be inventoried. That's what the next big task for me will be. I need to see where I am light on preps and focus on getting that squared away. I bet it's protein, but I'm not 100% sure until I verify it myself.

Mum and "Bill" aren't prepping much at all. Although they are putting up some extra ammo, the food situation isn't going to well. To help with this I'm packaging up a care package for them to store. Everything inside will be vacuum sealed and will have a shelf life of at least a decade. This way if something happens to me, they will have enough food to last the a few weeks. When it's done, I'll be sure to post pics.


FarmerMechanic said...

Think about sprouting wheat or alfalfa.. There is a lot of vitamins (Vitamin C)in sprouts.

BadGlue said...

I make my own kraut - it's easy just cabbage and salt.

Bellen said...

Sprouts were going to be my suggestion - you can sprout just about any seed/bean including lentils.

Radishes, swiss chard and leaf lettuce are quick, about 30 days planting to harvest, crops that can be grown in small spaces - we grow ours in pots.

Cabbage and potatoes are good sources, not as good as citrus, of vit c and fiber.

Inventory of stored goods is absolutely a necessity. Now if I could just get mine under control.

hotdogjam said...

It was a tough year up here. We had a lot of rain in June and July. The blight and fungus were bad too. Yeah, I'm in Mass I put in my last plantings of greens and radishes maybe 2-3 weeks ago. They'll keep growing through October. A little frost won't kill them.

Each year your garden will do better as long as you keep adding compost and other organic matter. You may want to think about getting your soil tested. Now is a good time of year to add soil supplements.


Pete Smith said...

I had a bad year to with my garden. Last year was great, but this year was 50% of last year. I used seeds for 90% of my garden this year to see how I would do, now I'm not sure of myself. I will just have to do better next year.

Mayberry said...

Prep hard and fast, it's going downhill in a hurry. "The recession is over"? Sure, because the depression has begun.....

3rdman said...

Purchasing can goods at the store may still be your best bet. Check this article out. Plan to write an article over at my blog soon on this topic.

Phillip Donson said...

Another thought...vitamin C is found in many veggies that can be grown in the spring, summer, and fall...leaving northern winters as a time for some concern. However, due the the disastrous introduction of the highly invasive multiflora rose by the U.S. Soil Conservation Service in the 1930s through 60s, there is actually an abundance of vitamin C hanging off bushes growing at the edge of every forest around. The hips (fruit) are tiny, but there are massive quantities of them. They actually taste pretty good too (keep in mind they are full of seeds and I wouldn't swallow them), and last LATE into the winter.