Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Liberal Mindset

Sorry for the delays in posting. Work has seen fit to block all access to any blogging or related site. I'm working on a solution to bypass these blocks, but I need to do it carefully so I don't get in trouble.

I've been trying to understand the liberal mind set. For the life of me I just cannot understand how people are willing to let their hard-earned money go to support those who will no care for themselves. Not that I fault those who get the handout, after all Thomas Paine said: "What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly." In other words you do not value what is given, only what is earned. It's human nature to stay on the dole, why work when you can eat for free?

Now let's us separate right now those who truly cannot fend for themselves and those who can. I know several people bound to wheelchairs, and they have jobs. One's a banker with CP, and the other has a spinal injury who is trying to find a job after being laid off from an insurance company. I also know two people who are fully able to work, but yet are on social security. It's infuriating to see such rampant abuse of the system. So for those that are truly disabled, this rant is not directed at you.

What percentage of freeloaders vs. deserving recipients are out there? We will never know for sure, but I'm betting the percentage isn't as high as one side will see, and not as low as the other side believes. For the sake of argument, assume that 75% of all welfare and those on Social Security Disability are actually able to work. Maybe it's not a great job, but it's solid work. If I had the cash, I'd hire all kinds of people for a tech support center where you work from your home... but I don't have the startup money. Who cares if you're in a wheelchair, or missing a leg, or allergic to everything? Read from cue-cards as tier 1 support or "technical routers" to make sure you get someone who's accent you can understand. But, I digress from my point.

Or do I? Isn't it better to teach a man to fish, rather than just give him one? This is why I hate welfare so much. Teach these folks how to make a living and have a family, rather than sucking on the teat of slavery. make no bones about it, for that is exactly what it is. Slavery. the Welfare State wants everyone under the control of the State. This way the population is easy to manage, as they cannot take care of themselves then they will always support the State or starve.

I was at a bar the night Obammy won the election. You could tell the liberals because they finally have "hope" that this snake-oil salesman, and ALL politicians are snake-oil salesmen, won. What a farce. Now the talking heads (not the band, silly) can talk about reparations and race equality. Bleh. Most liberals I know are anti-American. They might not think they are, but in truth they want America to have feet of clay. This is why such nonsense as reparations and apologies for slavery are brought up. My family owned a plantation in the south. My family owned slaves. Am I proud of it? Hell no. Should I get on my knees and beg the forgiveness of every black person in America? Hell no. I am NOT my ancestors. I am NOT responsible for anyone's actions but my own. My apology for Slavery would be about as impactful and meaningful as apologizing for the bird that shit on your car the other day.

Why do they want us to feel bad about the country we live in? I mean, any rational person knows that America has screwed a lot of people over. The Native Americans, most if not all of South America, and a healthy dose of people in southeast Asia. And then we fuck over a lot of our own population too, don't forget. So if everyone apologizes to each other can we get on with trying to do better in the future? But the Liberals want us to march to their drum. They want their path to be the only available option. If we are not constantly reminded of our own fallacies and spend all the time hugging each other than we cannot come up with better solutions to the problem. It's like they want to focus on the problem instead of working out a common solution.

I equate the liberal mind set with vampirism. It bleeds the energy of the victim, until they are feeble and without the will to live. Wealth equality. What a load of bullshit. There has never, ever, been a time on this earth when there wasn't an inequality in wealth. Even if Bob the cave-man had a pretty rock he showed his cave-woman, then he was wealthier than Frank the cave-man. Steve showed them both up by having a nicer cave closer to the river. To see why wealth re-distribution is such a load of horseshit take a look at prison. Yep, the prison world is the most tightly controlled economy in the world, but yet there are those that have more than others. Even look at online virtual economies, like in MMO's like World of Warcraft. Those who put in the time and effort have more money than those who don't. Wealth inequality is a natural state for humanity. Even if we took all the money in America, the land, and cars, everything and divided it equally. I bet you anything that within 10 minutes someone would have more than someone else.

Whilst tilting at the windmills of wealth equality, Liberals will tax, regulate, ban and outlaw anything and everything to get it. History has shown that budgets are always over-inflated with promised to fix this ill or the other, betting that the utopia will be here to make it all better. Hate to be the killjoy, but utopia's not coming. Liberals are the eternal optimists of the most dangerous kind. They max the credit cards today, because they will win the lottery tomorrow.

Responsible capitalism is the most beneficial, sustainable economic model we have developed in the ~10,000 of human civilization. But we are led to believe that capitalism is evil. Hogwash. What we have now isn't a free-market economy, it's a maze of self-interest groups battling it out for the scraps left from the government's table. They say the love of money is evil, Ayn Rand maintains it's the root of all good, and I tend to agree with her for the most part. Money is a tool. I love my 28 ounce framing hammer just as much as my savings account. Although I have to admit I love my delta unisaw more than money :)

We are in a time of change, but the grassroots backlash against the two established parties is going to be the change, not some catchword from the liberal elite.


Herbalpagan said...

Good angy; vampirism! The thing is, I don't know any liberals who actually think it's THEIR money going anywhere...they all think it's some one elses!

note:get together 9/19 !!!

irishdutchuncle said...

acording to dr. savage, "liberalism" is a mental disorder. i tend to agree.

many people don't seem to be able to handle their own freedom, yet they think they know how to run your life, for you, better than you could for yourself. (and make you pay for it, by causing you to be taxed heavily, whether it was something you wanted or not) even when you show them the proof, (Katrina) that the state can't be everybodies nanny, they're not convinced. (in fact they become more resolute)

admin said...

I don't understand right wingers.

Why are you right wingers so worried about the poor that Jesus told us to care about when it is Big Business, Corporate Welfare, and Jacked up Defense Spending taking almost all your money? The percentage the dollars going to the poor, whether deserving or not, is minuscule in comparison.

Why don't you ever worry about the rich ripping off the bulk of your tax dollars?

That seems to be hunky doory with the greedy, evil, nasty, mean and racist rightwingers (and that's how I see y'all--simply as awful people).

They shill for corporate health insurance, Big Pharma, and anybody who PAYS off some loudmouth to rile them up such as Beck or Rush.

Talk about your stupid and dumb masses.

The Scandinavians are happiest with their government, dummies. They must be doing something right with THEIR tax dollars--oh, they're taking care of their common people instead of the rich like we do.

Duh, brain dead stupidos. Go get mad at the Mexicans they are letting in to do the rich man's dirty work for pennies so the wealthy can make a bigger profit at YOUR expense. Don't ever get mad at the rich who hire them.

Get mad at the poor and unemployed instead of corporations shipping all the jobs overseas.

Maybe you can march against the native Americans next. They get some tax dollars, a few, since most of them are dead.

Why don't you stupid right wingers just go and worship Satan outright?

You greedy and evil people deserve all you get. You are like th people who get scammed--played off their own greed.

It's too bad the liberals, the progressives who actually care about other human beings (that's the difference in a nutshell) might have to suffer too.

irishdutchuncle said...

well "admin" that's exactly how i see "y'all" also.

quotas, for example, are racist, in their assumption that any member of a particular minority group is interchangable with any other. (and they can't be held to the same standards to which "whitey" holds himself)

don't you be invoking the name of JESUS. y'all have seen to it that we can't, in any public place. you people HATE Jesus. Jesus is the "author of liberty", the teachings of Jesus are JUSTICE. (not subject to revision by you)

if you're a shill for the trial lawyers instead of the insurance companies, aren't you still a shill?

taxation is theft. what part of "freedom" do you fail to understand? you people are all about "freedom" and "choice" when it comes to encouraging women to have their unborn children killed, but heaven forbid "y'all" would let people home school. those "happy" scandanavians pay more than half of their income in taxes. (highest suicide rate in the west) i pay somewhat less than half, but you're not satisfied with that. the tax people want more, and i don't have it. i'm not making making it, as it is, but you "progressives" want to tax me more, to pay for things i find abhorant.

where were you "progressives" when the jobs were being sent away? you were busy protecting mice and salamanders, and teaching school children to be sluts, gays and masturbators. (instead of self respecting people who can wait until they're mature enough for sex) you were busy spreading the big lie, of anthroprogenic climate change. (formerly known as global warming) and of course, since "y'all" are "citizens of the world" how can you begrudge all those other people jobs closer to their homes. in fact "progressives" have been working for years to bring about the colapse of america. you should be overjoyed right now.

admin said...

Where were you conservatives when GW Bush was pissing away the treasury to his rich cronies and deregulating everything so they could steal anything not tacked down? That's what I want to know.

"You people hate Jesus?"

Jesus was progressive all the way. I adore Jesus. He was all about taking care of the needy and other stuff conservatives hate. Jesus and modern day conservatives wouldn't get along at all. He hated Pharisees, the selling at the temple, hung around with minorities, and wasn't too thrilled about the rich. "Harder to get into heaven than a camel through the eye of a needle" He was referring to the rick folk en masse, I do believe. As far as taxes, He also said, "Render unto Caesar," heard of that?

Probably not. It would involve reading big words.

irishdutchuncle said...

you can believe whatever you want to believe.

pharisees were "lawyers". i'm no "Conservative" the "Conservatives" are a british political party. i'm an american. i'm opposed to INGSOC. (english socialism)

maybe i don't know as many big words as you do, smarty, (He said it was difficult for the wealthy to enter the kingdom, he did not say it was impossible) but finish the quote: render unto GOD that which is Gods. (he also said you will always have the poor)(he also said, "go and sin no more) he won't be thrilled with those of you who encourage/facilitate euthanasia suicide, or elective abortion. (all premeditated killings)

isn't it a sin to hate? isn't envy a sin? you HATE the rich, many of you envy the rich because you would do something "different" with their money, if it was your money. but it isn't your money. they pay a "progressive" income tax. they pay a higher percentage rate than i do. (unless someone in the congress writes a loophole) how much more can you soak them for? "til there are no rich no more? then what? (...tell me where is sanity?)

Bush is gone. the current administration, with the complicity of the FED and the democrat congress will print more money out of thin air than did Bush and all the other presidents before him. they are distributing the "money" to corrupt organizations like ACORN. lots of that money will never make it to the real poor. there is no way we will avoid default, which will necessitate war. (which many radical liberals will hope we lose)

after you radical liberals bring down this country, how do you think you will be rewarded? your socialist puppetmasters in beijing, or moscow or london will let you starve here with the rest of us. you are just throw away tools, and dull ones at that. you will be discarded like used prophalactics.