Monday, July 20, 2009

National ID

I've been opposed to the idea of a national ID card for a long time. This article from merry England is showing what the nanny state's citizens get with that ID card. the government keeps tabs on your big purchases, you know - to prevent fraud - then matches your purchases to your income level to see if your cheating the tax man.

Priceless. Just Priceless.

There is no reason for any federal documentation by my purchases - including firearms. The only possible exceptions would be explosives, undetectable poisons, Enriched Uranium / Plutonium, and nasty diseases - Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis, etc. for research. That's it. It's not supposed to be the fed's job for any of this, but there needs to be a centralized structure in case someone buys stuff in separate states to make a nuke.

Throughout history, governments love to spy on it's own population. Usually under the guise to "prevent crime." today is no different as the feds use web crawlers to read web sites, read our e-mails with Carnivore, and who knows what else. All of this I personally feel is over the line.
We have enough intrusions into our privacy without .gov tracking our every purchase of $X. As our net-presences grow, expect the feds to come barging in with a heavy hand until a court tosses out a few high-profile cases and .gov is reined back in. By then the precedents have been set, and another part of your life is monitored.

The National ID card comes up every now then in our congress. Eventually I fear it will pass and then we will be in for a whole new level of Big Brother. There is a clip on YouTube about the National ID card and how the health care companies will use it to up your pizza costs by having high cholesterol and a "fat tax" on the sausage pizza. I'm at a clients so I can't go looking for it.


Mayberry said...

One more thing on the long, long list of usurpations by the fedgov. The dumbing down of the people has worked magnificently, as all of these things go by virtually unnoticed at best, wholeheartedly accepted at worst...

Even when things are noticed, all anyone does is gripe a bit, then drop it. To actually stand up for one's rights is too far outside their "comfort zone". Well I hate to break it to them, but pretty soon that comfort zone is gonna be a distant memory.

Anonymous said...
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Cindy Brady said...
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Mayberry said...

"Biguns", "Cindy" (one and the same, I'd expect), bring it to me, instead of being a coward and attacking me on someone else's blog.....

Abraham said...

We're already into the thick of things. Spying on citizens was really honed during the Bush 43 years.

You must have heard of the Office of Total Information Awareness.

Here's more info by everyone's favorite enemy (which means they must be doing something right) the ACLU.

ALL of your credit card transactions are already collected, sorted, sifted and mined.

If you want to preserve some privacy use cash as much as possible, don't use those key chain cards that help you save money in supermarkets or drug stores. Use anonymizers on the Net. Use pay as you go cell phones bought at the 7/11. You get the idea. Avoid any transaction that can be linked back to your identity.


Bitmap said...

The federal government claims we must have a national ID to make it easier to combat illegal immigration.

I don't believe that we need a national ID to do that and I don't believe the federal government wants to combat illegal immigration.