Thursday, July 23, 2009

Breaking point?

I had lunch with a good friend yesterday. Well, it was breakfast for me because I worked all night again, but that's a whole 'nother rant. He's a smart guy, and has a young daughter and a wife that's in the medical field.

At one point we were discussing the economy, health care bill, etc and he asked a very pointiant question. What is the tipping point? New Yorkers who make over $225k are going to be paying 57% taxes? At what point does the word revolution creep in?

I was listening to WEEI this morning with the interview of Larry Lucchino, and the hosts were asking him what percentage would Larry be willing to be taxed at by Obama? He declined to answer, but they penciled him in for 80%.

The WEEI morning show are two republican neo-cons. Gerry Callahan is one of those neo-cons who thinks anyone who disagrees with him is a moon-bat liberal. Larry Lucchino is one of the owners of the Boston Red Sox and is as liberal as it gets.

The point is there is definitely a line in the sand somewhere. The way we are taxed now is hard to see whether that's because we turn a blind eye, or because we are unable to consciously perceive it. I'm taxed at 33% or thereabouts in straight income tax. If I added property, gasoline, utilities, sales, etc I'm over 50% easily. Now if my income tax is 57% like those New Yorkers, what's the real tax rate? 70%? 75%? That is flat out insane.

Every chance I get I try to inform anyone who is having a political discussion with me on their REAL tax rate. It's my own personal policy of sedition.

I'm flabbergasted at the political pace Obama is moving at. At his rate he's going to have to start holding meetings while he's on the hopper. He's already "saved the economy" and now he's ramming through this health care bill, and he's got the whole cap & trade thing to save mother earth (and tax business more).

Notice he's slacking on the bigger things though. Israel and Iran are about to have a steel cage match. North Korea are being nitwits again. We are still fighting a "Global War on Terror", an extended military operation in Afghanistan, and we still have a counter-insurgency and pacification operation going on in Iraq.

Notice how no one is chatting about the "war on terror" anymore. Notice Obammy isn't saying shit anymore about an exit strategy from either Iraq or Afghanistan. We would need those troops there to launch another invasion and pacification war in Iran. For all his talk of change, now that he's in the big-boy chair it's more of the same shit.

What is the tipping point? Is it his failing promise to close Gitmo? The additional taxes imposed by this forced healthcare insurance? Israel nuking the bejesus out of Iran in a preemptive strike? North Korea invading South Korea? The published unemployment numbers crossing 10%? What will finally be the last straw that Americans take?


Herbalpagan said...

This is a question that I see more and more lately; along with "what is your line in the sand".
I haven't a clue...I would have thought a big Wall Street bailout would have done it, but nope. I would have thought a big UNREAD stimulous plan that didn't work would have done it, but nope. I would have thought proposed martial law and forced vaccines for flu (or the threat of) would have done it, but nope, not that either. How about violation of second amendment rights? nope. How about no birth certificate? nope How about open talk about a New World Order and eugenics? nope, not that either.
I'm thinking that the welfare chacks have to stop and the government thugs have to go door to door taking the rich's toys away and giving them to the poor before it happens. EVery single person in America has to see or feel what is going on and hurt. People are acting like children, they don't believe until it happens to them. They don't learn until they get hurt.
(don't mind me- I've been working up to this rant for days now)

Anonymous said...

It's all about the money. It's always about the money.

The tipping point will be economic. Maybe it will be a bank holiday. Maybe it will be currency revaluation. Maybe it will be the shutdown of the Swift network. More unemployment and foreclosures with people unable to eat or stay warm and dry.


western mass. man said...

It's because of the idiot box, boob tube, or whatever.
Remove it and people will get real ornery real fast.
I hear "I hope I don't miss my show tonight." more times than I can shake a stick at.
I'm just guessin tho.