Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can't Sleep

I'm having some trouble getting to sleep tonight. I got a big day ahead of me tomorrow, the first day back at work in six weeks. I have a few other things bugging me as well.

I've been dickering with a 3% logo, but so far I'm not happy with the results. I don't like the III logo running around on a patch, and I'm not a big fan of the ones with MOLON LABE on them either. That's a bit to militia-ish for me. I'm not in a militia, I'm in a revolution.

More troubling is I cannot find my iPod anywhere. Damn thing is just gone. That's what I deserve for cleaning the house as thoroughly as I did. I have my old Rio player from 2001, but the software doesn't run well on XP. It like windows 98 much better. ARGH! I lost half the songs on it and I cannot load any new ones. Looks like it's going to be a long train ride tomorrow.

So nothing out in the market is making sense. the dollar is getting stronger and gold & oil are dropping. Looks to me like there is some subterfuge going on in the markets. Someone is manipulating things, and I'm willing it's the Fed. Ron Paul has been gaining support for an audit the worse things have been getting, so I wouldn't put it past the banks to pull this kind of crap.

Well it looks like the stiff drink I drank is kicking in (finally) so I'm going to hit the rack. Good night all, and be sure to keep prepping through the holidays. Speaking of which, whatever holiday y'all celebrate, I hope it's well spent with family and friends!


Loco Gato said...

On the back of my Jeep is just this..3% clean and simple. In fact at a rest stop a guy came up to me and had me look at the back window of his beemer, 3%, Made for a good stop!

Loco Gato
Be safe,be free

chinasyndrome said...

Goodluck with job.Hope all goes well!

ChrisInGa said...

For months the US printing rpesses have driven the value of teh dollar down and thus equities and commodities are rising to sustain their value.

However, with sovereign debt fears we may have a foreign currency crisis in the not too distant future and as such there is a flight to the perceived safety of the dollar and US Treasuries.

As a result the dollar is strengthening and equities and commodities are going down to reflect that. Expect the dollar to gain more before it again begins to decline at a significant pace.