Monday, November 23, 2009

A war in solitude

It's been real hard the last week or so. I've been trying to keep super-busy in order to keep from worrying about my financial situation.

I've been running a bunch of ads on craigslist in order to get some money in under the table, but no one has contacted me for any work. After talking with friends it is easier for people to deal with the crappy and slow computer, or charge the repairs on the credit card than to pay cash. Lots and lots of people are out of a job, and it's getting harder to make ends meet for everyone.

I had two phone interviews last week and I aced them both. I have another phone interview today, and I have a follow up face to face interview from one of the phone interviews from last week tomorrow afternoon. I should be happy because I am getting interviews because there are a lot of people out there who aren't even getting their foot in the door.

So I am fighting a war, a war versus expectations, versus depression, and verses the desire for revenge. Now I'm not going to do anything stupid or rash, so the last battle on the list has been won, but every now and then I get the urge to crack the last job's systems open and basically fuck with them. Set the screensavers to nasty messages, set virus scanning schedules for 2pm in the afternoon, etc. Just mean, but non-critical, things. But I won't do it even how fun it seems like it would be.

I just finished another phone interview, and I aced it again. With the holidays this week I doubt I will get anything going, but who knows? Phone interviews are tough. You need to be confident without being cocky. My problem is I know this shit cold. Like absolute zero cold. Like a witches' tit in a brass bra cold. One problem I am having is these managers are terrified I'll take their jobs so they want to hire someone smart, but not as smart as I am.

I've been thinking a lot about the Second American revolution, and trying to see a way to make it bloodless. I can't. When there is drastic change, there will be bloodshed. I just have to figure out how to keep it limited in scope. I honestly think that there will be a collapse in government, whether from the have-nots vs. the haves, racial tension, or a flat out open revolt due to government mismanagement and absurd taxation. There will be a collapse. I just need to do my part in keeping it as small and targeted as much as possible.

Congress and the leading political families will have to leave or face the wrath of the population. In a collapse of this magnitude, you can expect a backlash against those who put us here. So all of Congress, the Senate, the Supreme Court, and the last few presidents might fall victim to mob justice. In these days expect most of wall street to go with them to the chopping block, hangman's noose, or prison.

I hope we 3%'ers who come to lead these revolutions have the wisdom and common sense to keep it contained and directed towards the return of law here in America. The rule of Special Interest Groups and mob rule have no place in our country. We were founded as a republic, and the sooner we can strip away all the accumulated years of bullshit laws, the sooner we can start down the road to prosperity once again.


Herbalpagan said...

good luck in your job search!
next meeting: Dec 12 hope to see you!

Mayberry said...

"Threepers" have the Constitution clearly in focus. There can be no "bloodless Revolution" because the PTB is dug in like an Alabama tick. They will not let go. The "system" is designed so that the only real way to dodge it is to suck it up and do without, which 97% of the sheeple are unwilling to do. Lower expectations will soon become the norm. The sooner folks come to terms with that undeniable fact, the better off we'll all be. The sooner we'll be able to shed the shackles of serfdom. The sooner we'll be able to thrust our sword through the heart of the beast....

Shy Wolf said...

As to how we will minimize the bloodshed... begin with two groups: MSM talking heads who are at the top and leading the lying and disinformation que- make every one of them wonder if they'll be making it home when their shift is done... and the politicians who are in the forefront, leading the charge, of dissembling the Constitution. Make all of them wonder if they'll be home for the Christmas they so blatantly blaspheme.
Do those two targets and you'll see a quick end to blood-letting, though you'll need to add a few 'extras' to the pot to show them you're serious- such as the foreign scumbags who're funding a lot of the special interest groups. Then again, maybe they should be taken out first, just to get the ball rolling.
verification word is: WARBR (lower case)... I wonder...

Economic Analyst said...

Put a donation button on your blog said...

You should place a donate button thru Paypal on your blog. I am not a huge Paypal fan - but it may help you.

Good luck with your job search. I am a Production Manager of my job - and find it so difficult to hear from so many seeking jobs - especially those with kids and so desperate.

Take care -

Keith -

irishdutchuncle said...

yes, it is the belly of the beast, but it keeps food on the table.